About Us

Outsourced Solutions for a Stronger Organization

The nonprofit world is unique…you need to run your organization like a business yet adhere to the highest ethical standards possible. There can’t be any gray area in terms of the priority of your mission and where any revenue is steered.

That’s why you need to hire a group that has experience in this field, not just any general management company. Paul Partnership brings together individuals who have worked in the nonprofit sector for years and know the challenges, yet rewards, that go along with successfully growing and managing an organization.

Our founder, Sharon Paul Perfetti, served as President and General Coordinator of Annie’s Playground and then as Co-founder and Executive Director of Cool Kids Campaign before launching Paul Partnership. With both of her previous ventures, she took an idea and made it reality. Building a brand and getting others to believe in you isn’t always easy but if you have a strong vision and mission you can succeed and generally even surpass what you might have envisioned. Your ideas and passion have merit and they can be developed to have a direct impact on so many others.







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