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Paul Partnership offers a variety of services to assist foundations, nonprofits and associations, including:

  • Nonprofit Startup Package
  • Executive Direct Management and Support
  • Corporate and Family Foundation/Philanthropic Management,
  • Image and Branding Advising.


If you’re looking for guidance managing all or part of your organization’s activities, Paul Partnership can help. Whether you’re an established organization or family foundation or your nonprofit is still just a vision in your mind, we have the experience to get you where you want to be. With our four areas of expertise we cover everything from day to day management to image/branding to walking you through your start up idea. Take a look below and then get in touch, we would love to work with you.

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We are a one stop shop to make your dream a reality. You have a great idea but aren’t sure where to start with it? All the various steps can be daunting and generally stop people before they even get started. But your passion can and will happen, we will be sure of that. We will pull together all the resources you need and get all the work done for you, but more importantly with you. We will listen to what your goals are and set out a plan that fits your vision and mission.

Our Nonprofit Startup Package Includes

  • Articles of Incorporation filing – your first step to getting started is to become recognized as an official entity
  • By Laws
  • Conflict of Interest Statement
  • EIN Number
  • Form 1023 – This is the biggie… the official application to the IRS to gain tax exempt nonprofit status. This is where we save you the most money. The 1023 is a very complex and detailed form that most attorneys will charge you their hourly rate to complete. Which could be several thousand dollars. This is what we focus on so we can get yours done in a timely manner saving you a lot of money.
  • Register for Charitable Solicitation in Maryland/Sales Tax Exempt
  • Combined Registration Application

Our Start Up Package Fees:

We charge one flat fee for most nonprofits – $1,000

1023 IRS Nonproft Status application only – $800

Additional fees paid directly to the State/IRS for applications:

Articles of Incorporation –  $170 paid directly to the State

1023 – $600 paid directly to the Department of Treasury

Other Nonprofit Startup Services Available

Mission Statement and Vision– What is your goal with your nonprofit? Who do you want to serve and how do you want to achieve that? We will work with you to write the perfect and concise mission statement. We’ll partner with you to identify your programming and your markets and how to get launched within the community.

Logo and Website – These are always fun! We will capture your vision and create the image to convey that to the world. Your logo and website should reflect the tone of your mission and speak to your primary markets.

Accounting and Fundraising – We’ll get you set up with an accounting system that works best for you. Bank accounts and internal controls and how they’ll flow together. We’ll discuss and map out a plan to raise funds and the various options to do so.

Board of Directors – Your Board will be one of your greatest assets. They will help guide your mission and very importantly, raise money for you. We will help you assess your current contacts and if need be, help you develop new relationships to reach your goals.

Your nonprofit is growing and ready for the next step. But, you aren’t quite prepared to pay the salary that a high level Executive Director would command not to mention all the taxes, insurance, and benefits that go along with bringing someone on full time. The perfect solution, outsource that position out to us. We will manage your day to day needs as well as help guide your future vision. Or you are the Executive Director but your plate is overflowing? We will partner with you to assist in whatever areas need that extra attention so you can focus on the high level decisions to keep your organization moving forward.

Our Executive Director Management/Support services include:

Vision and Mission Support – We will keep your mission as the forefront guide in all decision making. We will also partner with you to brainstorm, develop, and implement any new programming.

Operations Support – Day to day is where so many organizations grow weary. We will ensure that oversight and transparency are priority.

Board Support – Keeping your Board engaged is one of the greatest challenges of a nonprofit. We will partner with you to provide frequent, yet not overwhelming, communications to your Board as well as helping you identify the strengths of each Board Member so that you can maximize their abilities.

Donor, Sponsor and Vendor Support – Raising money is a highly competitive art. Finding and keeping those donors is critical to your short and long term success. We will provide support to help you identify potential donors and sponsors and discuss plans for building those relationships. You’ll want to cultivate a combination of corporate and individual donors, vendor donations, event fundraising, and third party fundraising.

Marketing & Branding – Your image needs to be sharp. You will be working to gain trust in the community and your potential donors and Board. People want to know that their hard-earned money is going to a great cause and in trustworthy hands. Not to mention standing out in a crowd of so many other organizations. We will work with you on every aspect of how you look to the community from your logo to your website, social media, advertising and word of mouth.

External and Internal Communications – Staying connected with your people is so important. And with digital technology, it’s so easy. We will put together all your communications to your donors, Board, and supporters and send out on a regular basis. This includes email, social media, website updates and even the good old fashioned handwritten snail mail letters and thank you notes.

Event Support – Holding events not only raises all important funds but it also creates community awareness for your cause. Which in turn creates more funds raised down the road. But how to stand out in a world full of golf tournaments and 5K’s? Either make yours the best or create new and unique fundraisers. We will help you come up with ideas that work for your base of supporters, talk about how to draw in new support and then map out a plan to execute each step.

Accounting Support – Our extended team will provide monthly balance sheets showing which areas are bringing in the money and where the money is going. We will work with you to cut down on expenses where possible. We will provide quarterly financial statements for your Board as well as any annual tax filing requirements.

Your business or personal wealth is growing and you are ready to develop a philanthropic branch. This is such an important step in growing your presence in your community and proving your commitment to give back and make a difference. But giving your money away in a responsible manner isn’t as easy as you might think. You need to accurately identify what areas you are interested in supporting, the choices are overwhelming. And once you determine your passion, how do you identify which nonprofits are legitimate and worthy stewards of your money?

With our experience on the “other side” – starting and growing nonprofits – we are able to accurately assess grant proposals and nonprofits to best determine who is the perfect fit for your funds and if their programming and staff will truly do what they say. We know what to look for in a proposal as well as the follow up with a site visit and reviews of that charity on a regular basis. We don’t manage your money, you need your trusted financial advisor to do that. But ensuring that your money will have a guaranteed direct impact on the causes you are passionate about is our number one goal.

Remember when the Yellow Pages were the number one source of grabbing a new customer? So companies starting adding as many A’s as they could to the beginning of their name to be the first listed and therefore possibly the first called? Well now your digital presence is the equivalent. You have to care. Bottom line. Or your bottom line will be affected.

Our world moves fast and your potential client’s attention span is very short. They are being inundated every moment with more information than anyone can possibly handle. So you have a very limited time to make a great impression. Your website, logo, social media, advertising, all has to be on point every moment of every day. You are competing with thousands of other attention grabbing headlines, if you are lucky enough for someone to see you in the mix, you want to ensure it’s a great impression.

We’ll come in with a fresh eye and identify what your company looks like to a potential new client as well as your existing customer. Even the clients you have now want to be aligned with a fresh up to date company. Once we identify those areas, we will assist you in whatever needs to be done, a new logo, website (always mobile optimized), new website text, building social media presence and content, whatever you need.  We will help you clean up and streamline your image and branding.







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